Presentation slides from
Computational Fluid Dynamics in
Chemical Reaction Engineering V
Whistler BC Canada — 2008 June 15–20

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ARASTOOPOUR Numerical simulation of fluid- multi size particle flow systems
BAI Modeling flow and residence time distribution (RTD) in an industrial-scale segmented reactor by coupling CFD and Monte Carlo simulations [581KiB]
BAŁDYGA CFD modeling of particulate processes
BANERJEE MP-PIC calculations of catalytic and non-catalytic chemistry
BENSAID CFD simulation of soot filtration in DPFs [p]
CHANDRASEKARAN Effect of the restitution coefficient on the computed hydrodynamics of a gas solid fluidized bed
DAISS Modeling of polymerization reactors by coupling of CFD and reaction kinetics [968KiB]
DESHMUKH CFD insights into structured wall microchannel reactors: application to methanol partial oxidation
DÍAZ CFD simulations for a spouted bed reactor based pyrolysis pilot plant [p] [1322KiB]
DIETSCHE Computational fluid dynamics model of viscous droplet breakup [710KiB]
DIXON Effect of angle of inclination on transport and reaction in finite hollow cylinders [p]
DIXON Verification and validation of CFD simulations of high-Re flow and heat transfer in fixed beds
DURÁN Development of a cfd-based model for the simulation of immobilized photocatalytic reactors
FAN Preliminary simulation of non-uniform distribution of two-phase flow through parallel channels
FINNEY Discriminating characteristics for simulation-based design and scaling of spouted beds [964KiB]
GAUTHIER The challenges of combustion CFD modelling
GAVI Modeling of nano-particles precipitation in a confined impinging jets reactor by means of computational fluid dynamics [2249KiB]
GE Direct numerical simulation of gas-solid suspension using macro-scale particle methods
GÜNYOL CFD simulations of a large-scale aerated reactor with multiple impellers [9673KiB]
HAROUN Numerical simulation of reactive mass transfer in gas-liquid flow on structured packing using volume of fluid method
HEIREDAL Particle deposition in monolithic catalysts [143KiB]
HUSSAIN A rapid method for determining the pressure distribution of blood flow system in vein using advanced computational fluid dynamics simulation [p]
KOUDIL Numerical investigation of catalyst wetting inside trickle bed reactors [1196KiB]
Movies: Slide 8 [1631KiB] | Slide 15 [11407KiB]
KUIPERS Multi-scale simulation of poly-disperse dense gas-particle flows [12341KiB]
Movies: Slide 22 [9369KiB] | Slide 23 [16702KiB] | Slide 37 (L) [6023KiB] | Slide 37 (C) [2003KiB] | Slide 37 (R) [8020KiB] | Slide 38 (L) [4059KiB] | Slide 38 (C) [3493KiB] | Slide 38 (R) [9836KiB]
LIU Modeling mixing of species with different viscosity in a non-symmetric impinging jet mixer with LES
MARCHISIO Experimental validation of CFD models for polydisperse fluidized powders based on the quadrature methods of moments [1348KiB]
MARSCHALL Numerical simulation of gas-liquid-reactors with bubbly flows using a hybrid multiphase-CFD approach [3845KiB]
MARSCHALL Numerical simulation of bubble column using a hybrid multiphase-CFD approach [p] [1238KiB]
MILLS Comparison of CFB downers and risers via CFD and reactor modeling [743KiB]
MOUGIN CFD for large industry at Air Liquide
PANNALA Understanding the interactions between hydrodynamics and chemistry in coal gasifier simulations [840KiB]
PETITTI Modelling the bubble size distribution in gas-liquid reactors with QMOM implemented with a new correction algorithm [3225KiB]
RECTOR Sediment dynamics using the phase field method [p]
SANYAL A CFD modeling strategy for agitated, gas-sparged reactors
SCHILLING A simulation method to determine the transport behaviour of macroscopic particles
SCHÜTZ A simulation model for the separation of dispersed liquid-liquid systems in hydrocyclones based on the coupling of CFD and population balances [1524KiB]
SMITH Chemically reacting flows: Using manifold methods to achieve predictivity from Large Eddy Simulations [29609KiB]
SOLBERG Application of the direct quadrature method of moments to a hollow-cone water spray [p] [2485KiB]
STAUDT Heat transfer in rotating fluidized beds in a static geometry: A CFD study [846KiB]
STAUDT Numerical proof of the concept of a rotating chimney for rotating fluidized beds [p] [1007KiB]
TRAVERSONI Cavitation modelling and chemical changes
TSAI Strategies for CFD applications in chemical and oil and gas industries
UMHACK Detailed analysis of the impact of stirring parameters on fluid flow
WANG CFD simulation of ozone decomposition in fluidized beds with consideration of sub-grid structures [p]
WANG Circulating fluidized bed (CFB) riser height: the key to difference between apparent and intrinsic flow-regime diagrams [p]
WINKLER Numerical simulation of mold filling processes with polyurethane foams: modeling and industrial application

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